AI Engineer (Full Stack)

Training Fee PKR 75,000

Training Description

Embark on a journey into the world of AI engineering with our comprehensive course, covering AI basics, Python coding, specialized tracks in NLP and computer vision, and hands-on project experience. Learning a combination of ML Engineering and Data Science, including some aspects of ML Ops. And get industry mentorship and gain practical skills to excel in the field.

 Training Outcomes

  1. Develop proficiency in AI fundamentals and Python coding, laying a solid foundation for advanced study and real-world applications.
  2. Gain practical experience through hands-on projects, enhancing problem-solving skills and fostering creativity in AI development.
  3. Explore specialization options such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), equipping candidates with in-demand skills for language processing tasks.
  4. Benefit from industry mentorship, learning from experienced professionals and gaining insights into industry best practices and trends.
  5. Apply AI concepts and techniques to solve real-world problems, preparing candidates for diverse roles in industries like healthcare, finance, and technology.
  6. Acquire the ability to design, implement, and deploy AI solutions, empowering candidates to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of AI technology in various domains. Applying a combination of ML Engineering and Data Science, including some aspects of ML Ops.

Process Details

Here's the detailed process for joining our AI Engineer training program:

1. Apply for Trainin​g: Submit your application through our online portal, highlighting your interest in AI engineering and relevant qualifications.

2. Test with TestGorilla: Upon receiving your application, you'll be invited to take a test via TestGorilla, assessing your aptitude for AI concepts and programming skills.

3. Online Interview: Depending on your test results, you may be scheduled for an online interview to further evaluate your technical knowledge and assess your fit for the program.

4. Second Interview (if needed): In some cases, a second interview may be conducted to delve deeper into your background, motivations, and potential contributions to the program.

5. Training Commencement: Upon successful completion of the interview process and selection, you'll be offered a spot in our AI Engineer training program.

6. Global Placement Opportunities: After completing the training, you'll have access to global placement opportunities, where you can apply your newfound skills and expertise in AI engineering on an international scale.

Prepare to embark on an enriching journey towards becoming a skilled AI Engineer, with the prospect of global placements awaiting you upon completion of the program.